Ученики Masaru Team заняли все призовые места на Кубке Израиля по полноконтактному каратэ в Маалоте, 16 марта 2024 года, демонстрируя выдающуюся подготовку и дух. Ариела Бавинов выиграла 1-е место, Эмили Магаршак – 2-е, а Давид Леви Баскин – 3-е. Их успех воодушевляет сообщество.Continue Reading

Congratulations to Ariela Bavinov for securing 2nd place in the Karate Kata at the Open Western Coast Karate Championship in Kiryat Yam on February 24, 2024, representing Masaru Team. Extreme pride is expressed for the students’ achievements.Continue Reading

On February 17, 2024, at The 8th Israel Open Fullcontact Karate Championship, the “Masaru Team” from Ashdod and Ashkelon won 6 out of 10 possible awards. David Zilbershtein, Shon Patshany, Oriana Molchanov, and Tzili Zilbershtein took second place, while Gleb Bondar and Emili Magarshak secured third place in their respective large categories. The team’s mentor expressed immense pride in their students’ exemplary performance.Continue Reading

On January 27th in Modiin, the Masaru Team triumphed in the Kata category at an open karate championship, with Ariela Bavinov securing third place amid strong competition. Congratulations to the team for showcasing exceptional spirit and achieving victory.Continue Reading

The “Israel Open – 2023” Kyokushin competition took place in Ashdod and Ashkelon on December 30, 2023. The “Masaru Team” from these cities secured 7 out of 9 possible prizes, with Zili Zilbershtein taking 1st place. Despite tough conditions, all participants excelled, making their instructors proud.Continue Reading

After a hiatus due to the war in Israel, Masaru Team triumphantly returns to the sports scene with success at the “Academy Cup 2023” kyokushin competition. The club’s 8 participants secured 8 prizes, demonstrating their strength and unity. The post extends pride to the team and invites others to join. Contact: 0538271182.Continue Reading

Итак, 09,07,2021 года, прошли соревнования по Ката, федерации IOGKF-ISRAEL. Приятная и тёплая атмосфера соревнований чередовалась с успешными выступлениями учащихсяContinue Reading