Quarantine will end, the virus will decline, and we need to live on. How to live on? Yes, as usual, as they used to live. Work, study, raise children, help the elderly and, as always, monitor their health, their bodies. Do sport!

And if you have not yet decided what to do, then now is the time. Call, sign up, start training!

Geographically: the city of Ashdod.

Possible classes in the cities: Ashkelon; Explicitly; Rehovot, Gan Yavne.

Classes in a group or individually.

Tel. 053-82-711-82
WhatsApp: 053-82-711-82

Telegram: Club “Masaru” – Israel

Email: admin@bavinov.com

Once King Solomon was sitting in his palace and saw a man walking down the street dressed in gold robes. Solomon called this man to himself and asked: “Are you not a robber?” To which he replied that he was a jeweler: “And Jerusalem is a famous city, many wealthy people, kings and princes come here.” Then the king asked how much the jeweler earns this? And he proudly replied that much. Then the king grinned and said that if this jeweler is so smart, then let him make a ring that makes sad people happy, and happy people sad. And if after three days the ring is not ready, he tells the jeweler to execute.

No matter how talented the jeweler was, on the third day he with fear went to the king with a ring for him. At the threshold of the palace, he met Rahavam, the son of Solomon, and thought: “The son of a sage is half the sage.” And he told Rahavam of his misfortune. To which he grinned, took a nail and scribbled three Hebrew letters on three sides of the ring – Gimel, Zain and Yod. And he said that with this you can safely go to the king.

Solomon turned the ring and immediately understood the meaning of the letters on three sides of the ring in his own way – and their meaning is the abbreviation גם זו יעבור “And it will pass too.” And as the ring spins, and all the time different letters come up, so does the world, and so does the fate of man. And thinking that now he is sitting on a high throne, surrounded by all the splendors, and this will pass, he immediately became sad. And when Ashmoday threw him to the ends of the world and Solomon had to wander for three years, then looking at the ring, he realized that this too would pass, and he felt fun.

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