IT’S GO-JU TIME! WILL YOU BE THERE TO MAKE HISTORY?IOGKF International will host the 2021 IOGKF World Gasshuku online this July 17-18th! This will be 2021’s equivalent of the Gishiki event usually held in Okinawa, Japan – the birthplace of Karate!

Nakamura Sensei has gathered some of IOGKF International’s most senior instructors to teach at this special event.With a combined total of 85 Dan grades and over 375 years of experience training under Higaonna Sensei – the Goju-ryu story continues at this event…

Practice makes perfect, and with IOGKF being the world’s number one Karate organization for hosting large scale online training events during the pandemic, we have perfected the art of online delivery with carefully planned content to help you take your Karate to the next level!

No matter where you are around the globe and no matter what your situation, Nakamura Sensei is bringing IOGKF’s best to you! Check out the Gasshuku poster attached and stay tuned as we reveal more surprises and exciting news about this never before attempted event! Registration opens online 3 weeks prior!

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